Catnip Hydrosol

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Botanical Name Nepata cataria
Distilled August 2017
Plant Part Aerial (anything above ground)
Shelf Life 2 years (approx.)
Cultivation Certified Organic
Skin Type All Skin Types
Uses Insect Repelling, Sleep Aid, Cat Toy Refresher

I have two favorite uses for Catnip Hydrosol: insect repelling sprays and antifungal blends.

Shelf life: up to 2 years stored properly.

Safety: no known issues

Bug Repelling Spritzer Recipe: In a 2 ounce spritzer bottle, add 1 tsp castile soap and a total of 30 drops essential oils with insect repelling properties (patchouli, lemongrass, peppermint, geranium, cedarwood, etc.), then top off the bottle with catnip hydrosol. Shake well before each use and spray on/around clothing, shoes, hats.

To learn more about using hydrosols, we've created a section of our website where you can get more detailed information and learn about how to incorporate hydrosols into your everyday life: All About Hydrosols

All information on Pompeii Organics website is informative in nature and not to be construed as medical advice. We are not doctors or medical professionals. We are passionate about aromatherapy and all things healthy and natural. We also believe strongly in the safe use of essential oils. To learn more about blending safely, we have a learning section devoted just to this issue:


Botanical Name:
Nepata cataria
August 2017
Plant Part:
Aerial (anything above ground)
Shelf Life:
2 years (approx.)
Certified Organic
Skin Type:
All Skin Types
Insect Repelling, Sleep Aid, Cat Toy Refresher