Coconut Oil (Virgin, Unrefined)

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Organic coconut oil is one of my favorite carriers to use for lip balms, hair treatments, sun burn, and fungal blends. This is unrefined virgin coconut oil with a natural coconut scent. Coconut oil absorbs quickly into the skin, therefore, does not clog pores and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. You don't even need to blend it with anything to enjoy it's skin-nourishing benefits. Shelf life is stable (3 years if stored at room temperature or below).

Learn more about the many reasons why coconut oil is good for your skin and health HERE at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute

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Great product!
Written by Melinda on 10th Jul 2017

Love this coconut oil. Great smell, feel and price. I use this in my lip balms! :)

Super Coconut Oil!!
Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2017

One of the best Coconut oils I've purchased, it makes the best salves!!

Sweet aroma!
Written by ma on 26th Dec 2016

Sweet coconut aroma, I have used many coconut oils, so far this is the best I have tried, just plain goodness in a jar!