Cucumber Hydrosol

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Botanical Name Cucumis sativus
Distilled September 2107
Plant Part Whole Fruit
Shelf Life 18-24 Months
Cultivation Certified Organic
Skin Type Dry Skin
Uses Facial Toner, Skin Cooler, Sunburn Relief

Remember cucumber when you need a COOLING EFFECT in your blends. It is anti-inflammatory and helpful with any hot skin issues (sunburn, poison ivy, rosacea, dermatitis). It's also beneficial for fluid retention problems. Spritz two cotton pads with cucumber hydrosol and place over the eyes for a spa-like treat. 

Sunburn Relief Spray: in a 2 ounce spray bottle, add 1 ounce Aloe Vera Gel (organic) and 1 ounce Cucumber Hydrosol. Store in the refrigerator and spray on hot skin as needed. Use within 2 months if refrigerated. This is a great spray to make in June so you are prepared all summer!

To learn more about using hydrosols, we've created a section of our website where you can get more detailed information and learn about how to incorporate hydrosols into your everyday life: All About Hydrosols

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Botanical Name:
Cucumis sativus
September 2107
Plant Part:
Whole Fruit
Shelf Life:
18-24 Months
Certified Organic
Skin Type:
Dry Skin
Facial Toner, Skin Cooler, Sunburn Relief