We are a small company in central Pennsylvania that meticulously sources Certified Organic, unsprayed, and wildcrafted essential oils, carriers, infused oils, and hydrosols.

In 2015, we completed the USDA Organic Certification process. We offer over 70 Certified Organic essential oils, hydrosols, and carriers. We source Certified Organic products whenever possible. You will see that many of our oils are unsprayed or wildcrafted. Because it is important to source the oils from their native lands, some oils can not be sourced as Certified Organic.

In some areas of the world, no certification process exists or it is simply not feasible for the small distillers to afford the process. Some oils, like those coming from wood must be wildcrafted because of the length of growing time many of the trees take to mature. We source all of our oils from trusted distillers around the world to bring you the highest quality oils we can discover.



  • label each bottle with the batch number, country of origin, cultivation method, distillation method and the distillation date.
  • 3rd party gc/ms test every batch of oil we sell, meaning that even if a distiller provides us with a report, we still send a sample to a lab for 3rd party testing to verify the chemistry.
  • We have 3 Certified Aromatherapists on staff to evaluate each oil as it is received and to review the test results to ensure our exacting standards are met.
  • store our oils in our climate-controlled cold room to ensure maximum freshness.
  • move oils to our clearance section of the website when they are no longer at their peak freshness.
  • provide the batch-specific gc/ms analysis for our current batches right on our website so you can view the chemistry before you buy.
  • offer introductory aromatherapy workshops in our cute little green building. 
  • promote the safe use of essential oils by working with each customer in our shop to ensure they understand the safety concerns of the oils they purchase.





Monday - Saturday 10-5
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Pompeii Organics
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ph: 570-966-1114

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About Our Staff

Jessica Grill, Owner

2016-05-26-13.32-googleprofilepict.jpgI have been happily working with essential oils for over 15 years and earned my Aromatherapy certification in 2012 through a NAHA approved teaching program (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy). I handcrafted handmade soaps and lotions using essential oils for over 15 years. I pursued my Aromatherapy Certification to improve my understanding of the chemical properties of the oils I was using. My passion grew and Pompeii Organics was formed.

I specialize in sourcing and analyzing the chemical make-up of each essential oil before we offer it for sale. I firmly believe in constant improvement and continual learning. My staff and I keep up on all the latest research on essential oils and the aromatherapy industry. In addition to Pompeii Organics, I also continue to formulate for my original company, Pompeii Street Soap Company. I spend my weekends distilling and home crafting with my family. 



Carol Hollister - Staff Aromatherapist

carol-2016-workshop-picture-web.jpgCarol is one of our knowledgeable aromatherapists that you will meet in person when visiting our store in central PA. Along with working at Pompeii Organics, she is an essential oil educator and owns Sunset Essentials, Aromatherapy for Better Living. She provides fun, educational, hands-on workshops, therapeutic aromatherapy products and personal consultations for custom blends.

The use of essential oils is rapidly becoming a popular source for those looking for an alternate source of taking care of your own health. Unfortunately, with this growth comes a great deal of misinformation circulating which can and has led to some very serious injury. It is my desire and intent to help people safely discover the wonderful and safe uses of essential oils.