All About Hydrosols

hydrosol-class-web.jpgHydrosols are the aromatic waters created during the steam distillation process of plant material commonly associated with essential oils. Our hydrosols are distilled specifically for the hydrosols, not as a by-product of essential oil production. 

Also commonly referred to as hydrolats, floral waters and plant waters, Hydrosols are not just aromatic waters of flowers. The hydro-distillation of plant matter such as roots, bark, needles, leaves, fruit seeds, etc. are also plant matter that creates a hydrosol with great therapeutic benefits. 

Hydrosols and Essential Oils have many similarities but are very different in terms of shelf life, usage and storage.

Unlike essential oils, Hydrosols:

Are Water Soluble--but they have a very different pH than water...

Each hydrosol has a different pH and the pH is one of several factors that helps to determine how best to use each hydrosol when it comes to blending for therapeutic needs.

Have a finite life shelf...

Each hydrosol has its own unique attributes which determine the shelf life. At Pompeii Organics we keep them in a refrigerator to help keep them safe and viable longer. If your fridge is full at home, look for a cool, dark place to store them. It is also ideal to store them in a temperature controlled environment (a cool basement but NOT a hot garage).

•  Are easily contaminated...

A simple act of even touching the neck of the bottle or inside of the cap with your fingers can contaminate a hydrosol. Handle with care and store in the original container or another sterilized container.

• Are mild yet effective...

Many Hydrosols are gentle enough to wash a cut or scrape without worrying about diluting in a carrier oil or unscented base. The mild nature of Hydrosols allows them to be used neat on the skin. If you are tackling a stubborn rash from poison ivy, fungal issues or a chronic condition such as acne, psoriasis or eczema, Hydrosols would be a more gentle approach to use alone or in combination with essential oils.

Can safely be used internally...

Many, but not all, hydrosols are safe to use internally. If a Hydrosol is safe for internal use consider spritzing your favorite drink with it or adding two tablespoons of hydrosol to one liter of water and drink it throughout the day. Hydrosols can be a great substitute for mouthwash or a healing rinse when gum irritation or mouth ulcers develop. If you or your child has braces or other orthodontic appliances, Hydrosols would be the perfect approach to maintaining good oral health!

Hydrosols can be used in many ways to help address a plethora of health issues. If you are interested in learning more about the use of hydrosols as a part of your personal or professional aromatherapy, Pompeii Organics highly recommends taking a hydrosol course with Liz Fulcher at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute: