USDA Organic Certification

We are over the moon excited to announce that after a very long process, we have obtained our USDA organic certification.


Essential oils are concentrations of a plant’s volatiles (small aromatic molecules that evaporate quickly), and when steam distilled or cold pressed, can also contain concentrations of various pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.. you get the idea. Our oils have been organic since we started the Pompeii Organics line, so why not make it official, right? You can have confidence in purchasing our oils knowing that they are gc/ms batch tested (and analyzed), are vibrant and fresh, and now certified organic, too!

You may ask, why isn’t every product on your website certified organic?

We attempt to source all organic when possible, but often times the best quality essential oils are produced by small independent farmers around the world who may not have a certifying agency in their country or region.We ourselves are a small company and honor other small operations like ours that believe in quality over quantity. We source for the quality and purity of the oil and if it happens to also be certified, even better!

Here are other cultivation terms you may see on our website:


Many plants are their best when harvested in their natural environment. Palo Santo is an excellent example since the oil is distilled from wooden branches that have naturally fallen from the tree. The trees were not planted for the purpose of making oil. They simply are growing where nature intended them to be. In these cases, the oil can rarely be certified organic unless the land is designated as certified organic.


Unsprayed means the plants have been cultivated intentionally for the purpose of essential oil distillation. The farming is not certified, but the farmers use organic practices by not using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides of any kind. As mentioned above, this also is due to the farm not having a certifying agency or authority available in their country or region. We confirm the absence of synthetics and chemicals by means of the gc/ms reports that we independently obtain.

There is much more to a quality oil than just being organic. We go a few extra steps when sourcing essential oils.

Organic, Wildcrafted, or Unsprayed, never conventional

Analysis of the oils chemistry identifies the therapeutic constituents (molecules) in that specific batch and confirms the presence of therapeutic molecules and the absence of synthetics.

Aromatic Quality and Vibrancy
We have turned down batches that tested with great chemistry but had little life in them. We are not just ‘all chemistry’ here at Pompeii Organics. We believe that essential oils maintain the energies of the plant it was extracted from. A plant cultivated in a green house will not have the same aromatic quality than if it were growing in its natural habitat.

Happy plant equals happy oil.

We are picky about selling fresh batches. Although it may take a few months by the time we source the oil and have it analyzed, the wait is worth it. You will often see many oils in our sale section that are still within their acceptable life span, but we prefer to offer fresher batches as soon as we get them.

To sum it up,


Blend with Pompeii Organics and smell all the good things to come!

Thank you for growing with us.