Body Wash (Unscented)

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This is similar to our organic castile soap, except that it has been thickened more, making it better for body care (we like castile for green cleaning). It has over 80% organic ingredients, and the remaining formulation is natural and/or vegetable derived. It is almost odorless and thickens nicely when essential oils are added. This base is more appropriate for body use as a shower gel because it is thick and lathers well. We do not recommend this for laundry or green cleaning simply because it is high sudsing. Use our Organic Castile soap for multipurpose use.

saponified organic coconut and olive oil, lauryl betain*, organic vegetable glycerin, benzyl alcohol*, saponified palm kernal oil, decyl glucoside, potassium citrate (*vegetable derived and biodegradable)

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Body Wash
Written by sherry on 14th Aug 2018

Really like the soap, using it to make my own body wash. Best is it actually suds up.

Written by Ellen on 4th Feb 2018

The unscented body wash is fantastic! It is thick and suds up beautifully. It rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling clean - not oily and not dry. The body wash has more substance than Castile soap and I prefer it as a base when making gifts for friends and family. Two thumbs up!

Written by Kris on 26th May 2016

Just lovely. Thank you!