Fragonia ™ Essential Oil (Clearance)

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Latin Name: Agonis fragrans
Cultivation: Unsprayed, Australia
Chemistry: 1,8-cineole (28.85%), a-pinene (22.94%), linalol (11.36%), a-terpineol (6.98%), myrtenol (3.60%)
Steam Distilled: December 2014
Shelf Life: 5 Years

We like to keep things fresh at Pompeii Organics so when a new batch arrives, we immediately put the previous batch on sale, even though it still has a good shelf life. Please review these listings carefully before purchasing (distillation date, etc.). For the most current batch, please see this listing - Fragonia

Fragoniais sweet, warm, and camphoraceous. It's a beautiful respiratory oil with a synergy of both 1,8 cineole (eucalyptol) and alpha-pinene. It also has a touch of linalol, making it a skin friendly choice for both chest rubs and sore muscle blends. Fragoniais lovely in an ultrasonic diffuser, aroma stick (inhaler), and in salves to rub around the neck and shoulder areas.




Latin Name: Agonis fragrans
Botanical Family:
Plant Part:
Leaves and Twigs

Chemical Family: Oxides, Monoterpenes
Aroma: Camphoraceous, sweet, warm and floral
Note: Top-Middle
Color: Clear to pale yellow

Latin Name::
Agonis fragrans
Unsprayed, Australia
1,8-cineole (28.85%), a-pinene (22.94%), linalol (11.36%), a-terpineol (6.98%), myrtenol (3.60%)
Steam Distilled::
December 2014
Shelf Life::
5 Years