Green Cleaning Workshop


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In this very popular workshop, you will learn how to replace your supermarket cleaning supplies with just a few inexpensive all-natural ingredients and pure, organic essential oils.

Everyone will make all-natural cleaning products for safely, economically and effectively cleaning and disinfecting your home. Plus, you’ll take home a manual that includes the basics of aromatherapy and safety information on using essential oils, in addition to recipes for all products made in class.

Switching to green cleaning isn’t just about environmental ethics, or making housecleaning a more pleasant experience. The chemicals in common cleaning products can be cause a variety of health problems, especially for our respiratory system.

Take this class for your health and for the well-being of your family and your pets.

Classes are from 1pm - 5pm At Pompeii Street Soap Co. Mifflinburg, PA 17844 PH: 570-966-1114

Classes are Non-Refundable.