Kunzea Essential Oil

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Latin Name: Kunzea ambigua
At a Glance: Our Kunzea ambigua essential oil has strong analgesic properties making it perfect for pain blends.
Cultivation: Unsprayed, Australia
Chemistry: a-pinene (54.47%), 1,8-cineole (13.15%), globulol (4.40%), bicyclogermacrene (4.34%), viridiflorol (3.65%)
Steam Distilled: October 2017
Shelf LIfe: 5 years (approx.)

Kunzea oil is a wonderful oil from Australia that has been found to be effective on sore, tired muscles and joints. We recommend it for athletes for their minor issues. It can be used with German Chamomile, Black Pepper and Helichrysum for pain an inflammation blend. It is also great for respiratory support and is highly anti-infectious. Energetically, it is a calming oil that is helpful during times of tension and stress and it can help you release deeply-hidden emotional issues.

Kunzea has a sweet, floral aroma with a touch of an herbal, camphoraceous scent that will blend well with Angelica Root, Roman Chamomile, Cinnamon Leaf, citruses, conifers and earthy scents like Patchouli. It is lovely in a diffuser alone or with a complimentary friend. 

Current GC/MS for KZEA-1001

Botanical family: Myrtaceae
Plant Part: Flowering Bush
Chemical Family: Monoterpenes
Aroma: Sweet, Floral, Camphoraceous
Note: Middle
Color: Clear



SAFETY: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Always dilute essential oils before applying to the skin and keep away from mucous membranes. If the oil is past it’s “use by” date or stored improperly, it may cause irritation and lose therapeutic value.

Safety recommendations are based on Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition, Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, 2014.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are not doctors or medical professionals. We are passionate about aromatherapy and all things healthy and natural. We also believe strongly in the safe use of essential oils. To learn more about blending safely, we have a learning section devoted just to this issue: Drops & Dilutions.



Latin Name::
Kunzea ambigua
At a Glance::
Our Kunzea ambigua essential oil has strong analgesic properties making it perfect for pain blends.
Unsprayed, Australia
a-pinene (54.47%), 1,8-cineole (13.15%), globulol (4.40%), bicyclogermacrene (4.34%), viridiflorol (3.65%)
Steam Distilled::
October 2017
Shelf LIfe::
5 years (approx.)