Soap Flakes

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Formulated specifically for GREEN CLEANING! This is my own handmade natural soap base. The formula is similar to what I use for my “Pompeii Street” soaps, except that I slightly adjusted the formulation to have stronger cleaning properties and less suds, which is desirable in a natural laundry soap.

It is also formulated to dissolve quicker.

MY LAUNDRY POWDER RECIPE: Simply mix the following ingredients:

1 LB Soap Flakes
3 cups Washing Soda
3 cups Baking Soda (use 6 cups for hard water)
6.5 cups Borax

Directions for use: Add just 1 Tablespoon for front load washers, 2 Tablespoons for top load washers. YIELDS 250 LOADS in a front load (high efficiency washer) or 125 LOADS in a top load washer. That’s all! This laundry powder works great all by itself without scent. If you want to add essential oils, I recommend adding 5 drops of essential oil just before adding it to your washing machine. That way you can change it up – Lemon one day, Lavender the next, Scotch Pine, Tea Tree… endless possibilities.

Ingredients: Saponified coconut, organic palm, olive, and castor oil, vitamin E oil, that’s all!