Tamanu Oil

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Tamanu (Calophyllum inophyllum) oil has a very sweet aroma (it almost reminds me of maple syrup), and feels soothing to dry or damaged skin. Many references (listed below) mention Tamanu oil as being Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, and Cicatrisant (accelerates skin cell regeneration). This would make it a perfect carrier for your wound healing, psoriasis, eczema, or pain blends.

According to Dr. Schnaubelt, Tamanu has been found helpful in cases of shingles relief, used in combination with Ravintsara leaf (cinnamomum camphora) at a 50/50 ratio.

The Calophylum tree produces groups or bunches of small fruits that contain the nuts and kernels where Tamanu oil will later occur. The berries are picked then dried out for about 8 weeks before being cold pressed to extract the oil. The oil would not exist if the nuts were not dried for many weeks first.

Store in a cool dark location.

General Nutrient Profile
(not batch specific):
Palmitic acid (11-13.7%), Stearic Acid (13.4-14.3%), Oleic acid (39.1-50%), Linoleic acid (21.7-31.1%).


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Written by Stephanie on 8th Feb 2018

The item is as described, am incredibly thankful and I couldn't have asked for better. The universe blessed me in finding this company.

Pressure decubitus
Written by Deanna Sibley on 11th Jun 2017

Used on my last batch of ointment I made for my moms elbow decub that just wouldn't heal with other mixes and blend (bend of elbow). I ran out of different oils to make ointment so reached for the Tamanu oil I had on hand. It's been a couple of weeks and it's at last stage of healing after months of being down to the bone. I wish I would of taken pictures! Hospice nurses are impressed!

Written by Kerry on 20th May 2017

I have had EXTREMELY sensitive skin my whole life, and this oil is a splendid green healer of skin ailments. Sometimes, I put it on my entire face at night as a treatment. I think it smells a bit like maple syrup, and my husband thinks it smells like peanuts... Not bad. If I have a blemish, a dab of this oil truly helps the healing process. Between this and the Prickly Pear Seed oil, my skin has never looked better!

Amazing oil
Written by Kibby on 3rd Mar 2017

After reading reviews for tamanu oil, I decided to give it a try. I have used it for at least 30 days to give it a good time frame to see how my skin reacted to it before submitting a review. It LOVED it immediately. The oil is a beautiful green color with earthy scent. Absorbs well. My skin has improved with continual use. Texture, hydration level, suppleness. Old blemish scars are healing quickly. I will definitely be purchasing this oil again from Pompeii Organics - QUALITY!

Written by matthew on 20th Sep 2016

nice rich color and smell, tamanu is really a bit magical