White Spruce Infused Jojoba

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Botanical Name Picea glauca
Cultivation Wildcrafted
Infusion Date February 2017
Shelf Life 3 years (approx.)

Limited quantities available while supplies last!

This is certified organic jojoba oil that has been infused with the resin of locally grown white spruce trees. White spruce is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, best used to soothe itchy, irritated skin. You can also use it as a base with your favorite conifer essential oil to make a wonderful respiratory support blend.

This oil has a light spruce fragrance and a pale, golden color. Use the infused oil alone or add your favorite essential oils to enhance the oil's properties.

Our white spruce infused oil was infused in February 2017 and is best by February 2020.

Botanical Name:
Picea glauca
Infusion Date:
February 2017
Shelf Life:
3 years (approx.)